Samsung Galaxy A71s 5G UW is headed to Verizon


Verizon is getting ready to add another mid-range Samsung smartphone to its 5G roster, complete with support for its ultrafast mmWave network of course. This will be a reinterpreted Galaxy A71, except, unlike the already announced A71 5G, Big Red’s model will be powered by a different chipset and have a different name.

It’s going to be called Galaxy A71s 5G UW, to fit with what seems to be Verizon’s newfound naming scheme (read: tacking “5G UW” to the end of device monikers left and right, where “UW” stands for “UltraWideband” aka mmWave).

Samsung Galaxy A71s 5G UW is headed toVerizon

The Galaxy A71s 5G UW may very well look like an A71 5G or A71, but inside we’ll get the Snapdragon 765 chipset, and not an Exynos. At least that’s what’s been rumored. If this pans out, it would be the first Snapdragon 765 handset to support mmWave 5G.

The name itself has been revealed through some recent regulatory filings, so that’s set in stone. Whether or not the rest of the specs will align with the international A71 5G model remains to be seen. Samsung and Verizon may have some slight updates ready, to make this version worthy of the “s” suffix.


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