OnePlus 8T video teardown is going looking for the 2 batteries within


The OnePlus 8T was authentic this week, and we’ve got already observed it subjected to JerryRigEverything‘s trademark ‘sturdiness check’, proper at the day of the development.

However what should you sought after to head deeper? Throughout the software? To peer what it looks as if below all that fancy glass and steel? Neatly, for that objective, the similar Zack has you coated with this right here teardown video, through which he is going looking for the 2 batteries within.

Two batteries has to do with how Warp Price 65 works, itself simply an authorized Oppo generation. Call to mind this 65W device as two 32.5W methods operating in parallel to rate two separate 2,250 mAh batteries, and also you get the gist of the speculation with out us having to enter to any extent further technical element.

Whilst there may be just one battery pack visual within the OnePlus 8T, it is lovely glaring that within that pack there are two distinct halves, entire with a crease between them.

Take a look at the video if you wish to see all the OnePlus 8T’s internals, uncovered, together with a host of waterproofing measures which can be packed within, in spite of the loss of an authentic water resistance ranking. And in case you are fascinated by studying extra concerning the OnePlus 8T, do not pass over our hands-on assessment.

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